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Green Energy Support, Inc. (GES) is a ICC certified Energy Efficiency Service Provider that participates in Northern Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs.

Green Energy Support Inc. (GES)'s professional representatives offers a free comprehensive energy savings assessment of your facility to then provide a detailed report regarding potential recommended energy efficient products.


Our goal is to help companies minimize installation costs for every efficiency upgrades by achieving annual energy savings, reduces energy costs. This is done by identifying more suitable and efficient technology. Costs are also mitigated in obtaining utility rebates and incentives, reducing equipment and installation costs.

Our Mission / Vision

Our mission is to decrease energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing business low cost, comprehensive, energy savings capital upgrades and energy efficiency efficient projects, with customer satisfaction as a top priority.


We make every effort to advocate an industry conscious of the environment through the implementation of green energy sources, as LED technology consumes less power per unit of light emitted, minimizing the impact of electrical pollution on the world.

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